Keep him devoted to you for GOOD

Millions of women are looking for a solution that helps their relationships move forward and on to marriage in the future. They feel like they are stalled or at a standstill in their relationship.

Often women think that this happens because of something they did or because something is wrong with them

For some reason men can’t seem to explain what is going on inside of them. Most women don’t know what to do or how to get them to open up. This can be a very painful and disheartening situation to be in. They don’t know what to do and are frustrated by the lack of communication.

It’s one thing when a guy you’ve dated a short while pulls away from you. That is upsetting…but not nearly as much as if you dated for years and he still will not commit to her.

This is extremely painful after her years of devotion to him. She looks in the mirror and says «What is wrong with me?», «What did I do?» or «How can I fix this?» It’s hard to answer those questions.

You don’t want to be pushy or manipulative. That may push him away even faster

Listen. A lot of us have been in this situation. It’s actually pretty embarrassing when you can’t seem to get a man to commit to you. Sometimes you start to feel like you are not worthy of his love or a healthy relationship.

There are always reminders…like your friends asking when you will be getting married or why aren’t you married yet after all the many years of dating.

Women tend to feel like they are the ones putting all of the effort in to the relationship and want to know how to get him to contribute.   It doesn’t feel good when you feel like you are doing all the work.

Come on. We don’t want to drag them to the altar. We don’t want to offer ultimatums or threats to leave. Those options don’t usually turn out in a successful marriage. That is not what most women want to do.

Stop wasting time wondering what to do about this. Keep your chin up. It’s not your fault! You need to take some action if you are really serious about trying to get your relationship moving forward.